W3:Ride Club

Your Rides

An archive of all riding activities imported into W3:Ride, recorded from your fitness app or wearables.


Tracking Rides

Rides will be tracked through approved activity apps such as Apple Fitness, Google Fit or Strava. After a ride, the W3:Ride app will sync and update to display rewarded rides.
Using Strava's API, all activity from stationary or outdoor rides will be able to be tracked and rewarded in W3:Ride.


In addition to outdoor rides, all activity from stationary rides from Zwift, Peloton or others will be tracked and rewarded in $Power

Google Fit

Google Fitness can track rides from third-party apps that report to Google Fit, or through a wearable and selecting cycling as an activity

Apple Fitness

Apple watch users can track their cycling activity directly from the fitness app, or through additional third-party integrated apps.


Garmin users can automatically connect with the W3:Ride app and earn rewards for their cycling.