W3:Ride Club
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$Cyclr is an on-chain token that powers shopping in the W3:Ride marketplace.

Total On-Chain Coins

There will only ever be 9 Billion $Cyclr coins total across multiple chains:
Cardano Token: Cyclr
Amount: 3 billion
Liquidity Pool: https://app.minswap.org/pool
Polygon Token: Cyclr
Amount: 3 billion

Unannounced Chain
Token: Cyclr
Amount: 3 billion

How to Earn $Cyclr

$Cyclr can be converted from $Power or purchased. $Cyclr can be purchased in on-chain liquidity pools. $Cyclr can be converted in your dashboard from $Power earned on your rides.

How to use $Cyclr

- Gift Card Purchases
- Discounts for physical and digital goods
- Re-minting bikes to diversify your collection