Development Treasury

App Development Treasury

Of the 3,000,000,000 total supply across each chain club, a small portion is reserved for each chain to fund app development, multi-chain growth and marketing. This will be paid through the strategic partnership of the app studio Nexus Cognitive.

Cardano Dev Treasury


Unannounced Dev Treasury


Polygon Dev Treasury


Development Vestment Period

All development coins will be locked on an evenly distributed vestment schedule in a transparent manner based on hours performed. Furthermore, coins distributed during the development cycle will be held over the course of 2.5 years. A small % of each invoice will be unlocked upon milestone completion to fund these efforts.

To reduce volatility in the market as the project grows, selling phases will only be unlocked with the successful completion of the previous phase. For example: Selling rates for phase 2 will only be possible when the selling rate of phase 1 is completed.

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