W3:Ride Club

The Hub

Your hub will be where you see newly detected rides, past selected rides, $Power and $Cyclr balances, and your selected bike and rider. Understanding the hub and how to use it is key!


At the very top of the Hub you will see a bike. Free to play users will see a generic bike with a white frame, while NFTs holders will see one of their personal bikes. The bike on your hub represents the bike you have selected to calculate your rewards.
When a new ride is detected and you accept it, your earnings will be calculated based off the rarity of that bike. The rarity of your selected bike is the number next to the star at the bottom right of the picture. We go more into rarity here, but to keep it short: the lower the number, the higher you earn!
If you own multiple bikes and wish to earn rewards with a different one, simply tap the photo of your bike on the hub and you will be taken to your bike rack where you can select the bike you would like to earn with.
In the middle of the hub there is a rectangle with your rider on the far left. Your rider is simply an expression of yourself and has no bearing on your earnings, it just adds some flare to your hub!
If you have more than one rider and wish to change the rider that displays on the hub, simply tap the rider on the hub and you will be brought to a page where you can select from all of your owned riders
The next box to the right of your rider is the challenge box. You can select this box to see challenges for your current tier. As you complete challenges you will increase tiers and earning!
Your username can be found to the right of the challenge box and can be changed at any time by tapping on it and typing in your desired callsign!
Coin Balances
Below your username you will see your $Power and $Cyclr balances.
  • $Power: This is the token you earn from your rides
  • $Cyclr: This is the on-chain token that can be used to purchase products, redeem gift cards or trade.
Latest Rides
At the bottom of your hub, you will see your Latest Rides. This is where all of the rides you have accepted and earned rewards on will show up!
What happens after I complete a ride and want to earn rewards?
When you complete a ride using any of your desired fitness trackers your ride will be detected and shown in your hub.
When you sign into your app you will see a pop up below your Latest Rides that says, "New Ride Detected" with a green button to "Load Ride Rewards" once you select this you will be taken to the ride rewards page where you can select the rides you wish to log or delete the rides you wish to omit by simply swiping left!