W3:Ride Club

Bike Shop

As you ride and earn $Power you can begin to browse the Bike shop to customize and build your next NFT. (This is a future state feature that is not available in the app at this time)

​Ride to Mint​

Ride to mint

New bike parts will be available in loot boxes, convert your $Power and have your $Cyclr ready to grab exclusive rare parts before they are gone!

Bike Parts

You need to purchase each part individually and fill all available slots before you're able to mint into an NFT. These will be the only ways to collect and build exclusive new collections.
The following items will be purchasable
  • Handle Bars
  • Wheels
  • Frame
  • Seat

Upgrade Bikes:

Riders with a desired accessory in their garage can pay a $Cyclr fee to re-mint a current bike along with the desired accessory they wish to attach.


Riders can use $Cyclr to recycle their bike back into the bike factory for another bike within the same rarity tier. Not only can this change your look, but it can also have a chance to increase your earnings through better accessories. Rider’s Gold tier and above are eligible to spin twice per one re-spin if they are unhappy with their first result.

Bike Factory

Once minted the bike will be sent to the factory to be built (rendered) and then sent to your account and wallet. To start we're looking to mint in batches but will work towards automating rendering scripts.


OG Collection

The original 8088 collection that will evolve and change over time as players upgrade and burn bikes.

Mountain Bike

Coming after Beta launch