W3:Ride Club


Two currencies will be used. An in-game $Power coin and the reward currency $Cyclr

$Power - Proof of Ride

This coin will be earned based on your ride performance and unlocking challenges in the app.


This coin will drive the W3:Ride economy in-app and on-chain. Loot boxes, re-spins, re-mints, chops and minting new NFT bikes in the app will all be purchasable with $Cyclr. $Cyclr will also drive governance for the W3:Ride ecosystem including creating a treasury for NGO bike donations, park clean ups and more.
$Power earned from rides can be converted to $Cyclr
$Power to $Cyclr conversion will become harder as time goes on so make sure you take advantage of the Alpha conversion event on 10/28 where $Power to $Cyclr conversions will be available at a 10:1 ratio for 5 days!
Following that event, the conversion ratio from $Power to $Cyclr will increase relative to the circulation of $Cyclr
Last modified 2mo ago