W3:Ride Club

The Club

Wager $Power to motivate and inspire yourself. Those who don’t reach their weekly goals forfeit their $Power and is distributed based on a percentage scale of those who met their goals.

Set your personal goal

Your weekly goal is not a competition against other riders, its a way to motivate and hold yourself accountable by placing your $Power on the line.

Club Pools

There are three pools in the W3:Ride community. This is to allow for higher risk/rewards but allow for a fair distribution of winnings. There will be a range of weekly miles you can slide with a direct correlation to the amount of $Power you wager. You can see the stats of each pool with the total users and collection of $Power wagered.


This is a sliding scale of 5-30 miles


This is a sliding scale of 30-90 miles


This is a sliding scale of 90+ miles


At the end of each week, you can see the percentage of those that met goals for each pool and collect your share of $Power for those that didn't maintain their goal